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SESSION 2018-19


An educational trip was organized by the MBS International School to the National Science Centre, Delhi for the students of class IX & XI on December 24, 2018.The visit proved to be a great way to arouse curiosity in the minds of school students and was a thrilling and motivating experience. 
The students took a tour of the following galleries- Water- The Elixir of life, Hall of Nuclear Power, Our Science and Technology Heritage, Human Biology, Pre-Historic life , Fun Science, Information Revolution, Emerging Technologies-Space Technology, Information and Communication Technology, Medical and Biotechnology, Oceanography and Earth Sciences, Agricultural Technology, Material Science, Nanotechnology, Energy and Transportation Technology. The galleries showcased a plethora of exhibits that covered various topics. 
Magic tap, stingless piano, Tesla coils, energy ball, marine and freshwater aquariums were the main attractions at the Science Centre. 
The students watched a 3D movie on Life of Dinosaurs. Watching the movie was a great learning experience. 
The Science Centre procured a world of wonder and amazement with 137 interactive ‘hands-on’ exhibits. The students were excited to observe certain exhibits like Wrestling the Gorilla Arm, Virtual Makeup, Find the Direction of Sound, Walking through the Mirror Maze, Infinity Well, Animated Dinosaurs, responding to electric shock, lifting a lid against an Electromagnet and many others caught the attention of students instantly and they thoroughly enjoyed being part of these fun filled activities.












MBS International School organized an effective educational trip on Thursday, December 13, 2018 to DDA sports complex Dwarka for students that helps facilitate fast and efficient learning method. This was a wonderful opportunity for students to take a break from the classroom lecture and to have some fun and excitement in an entirely new environment while learning at the same time.
The students reached the park by school buses and spent the day enjoying the swings and rides. They also participated in the various games, which were especially organized for them by their teachers at the venue. The students were also told the importance of keeping the surroundings and the venue clean by not littering around. They were encouraged to throw all wrappers and used packets into the garbage bin provide at the spot. The students were accompanied by their teachers and the support staff. The happy smiles on the students’ faces were a proof of the fun filled day spent at the sports complex.













































The Heritage Club took the initiative for the MBSians from grade VIII and IX to visit the National Museum, New Delhi on October31, 2018. 
The students left for museum with lot of enthusiasm and vigour.
The Museum houses variety of articles ranging from pre-historic era to modern works of art. It has around 200,000 works of art, both of Indian and Foreign origin. 
The National museum showcased a magnificent miniature of Harappan Civilization, excavated tools, toys, statues, utensils, jewellery, etc. 
The other attractions of the gallery were Late medieval art, Indian miniature paintings, manuscripts, epigraphy, arms and armour.
Students learned about the disciplines of art, Indian traditions and culture.The whole experience was like moving on a time machine and being the part of history.
























Excursions provide a constant and a wide familiarity with all forms of human development. A visit to McDonald’s was organized for the pre-school students of the MBS International School on September 27, 2018. Students were excited and contended. McDonald’s Staff acquainted the students about their favourite meal and it helped them to develop their aesthetic sense. By such excursion, students were captivated in exploring their neighborhood. They got their meal packs and left the place with a heart filled memories having colourful balloons in their hands. It was a joyful, and fun-filled day for our little shining stars.

"Visit To Railway Museum"

The curriculum & school environment is not only the criteria for the overall development of the child. The outside exposure is also important for the holistic growth as well as for the personality development of the child.Classroom teaching should be supplemented with extra-curricular activities & excursion trip. To ensure the same MBS International School organizes a field trip to “Railway Museum”on September 28,2018. They were greeted by a huge engine at the gate & a squeal of excitement shot through the group. Further down at the museum children got even more excited to see exhibits of wagons,coaches & engines displayed in the exhibition hall. The children were briefed priorly in the classroom about the railway in our country,how it was developed & in what scale it is operated in modern day India.Now they saw first-hand,samples of carefully preserved engines & the coaches from the various phases of evolution. Needless to say the train joyride was a highlight.The excursion was followed up with each child creating a drawing of his/her image of the museum based on their perception.This enhanced their imagination & observation skills.


A fun filled and educational excursion to Aero Planet ,Dwarka New Delhi was organized for pre-primary students of MBS International School on 31-07-2018.It was a great learning experience for the students as they saw the Airbus A-300(airplane) which was positioned by Aero-Planet in collaboration with Centre Of Civil Aviation Training.It was a thrilling experience for the children to sit in the real Airbus A-300.They also got exposure to the functioning of aircrafts.Students got the rarest opportunity to see the cockpit and cargo compartment.Their excitement touched the sky as they undertook the activities like ropeway and free dance.They were also shown magic show.The tiny-tots returned with eyes full of dreams of becoming a pilot,an airplane engineer or an airline member. 


SESSION 2017-18

To take ‘learning’ outside the classroom and fun filled at the same time, children are taken on adventure camps, trips, Educational tours to NATIONAL BAL BHAWAN, DOLL MUSEUM, NATIONAL SCIENCE CENTRE, NATIONAL RAIL MUSEUM and many more. To instill values and develop empathy, to sensitize our children towards less fortunate ones, visit to old age homes, orphanages and NGO‘s and institutes working as rehabilitation centre for differently abled and the physically challenged children are planned, where they spend time with the members and engage them in fun and frolic games.




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